Our contributions to a sustainable future

We understand and respect the environment we live in

Therefore, we act responsibly and want to ensure a sustainable development at all levels. For us, this means pursuing economic, social and ecological objectives simultaneously and with equal energy. It is our aim to create best-in-class products for our consumers worldwide, while conserving resources and ultimately taking a significant step towards a sustainable future.

We enable people to enjoy the wonders of aquatics at home

We aim to fulfill this mission while keeping our commitments to sustainability and responsible management. Tetra has set-up a Sustainability Council that is driving, supervising and controlling all activities connected to our approach towards a sustainable future. The council is staffed with leaders that drive sustainability initiatives and their implementation within the company.

We use 100% green electricity

Our energy needs have a direct impact on our emissions and nature. Production operations accounts for a significant share of our energy requirement at our site in Melle, Germany. Tetra exclusively uses electricity that comes from sustainable, regenerative energy sources since 2010. This saves up to 2,500t of CO2 per year. This roughly corresponds to the CO2 emissions of 315 people annually.

We reduce our energy consumption

Additionally, Tetra has clearly defined goals to reduce its energy consumption by a significant percentage annually and therefore lower emissions in the long term. Since 2014, we achieve this with the help of the ISO 50001 energy management system which shows potential for savings in our consumption. It influences our organizational and technical processes to improve our energy efficiency systematically and continuously.

We meet the highest international quality standards

As the leading global producer of fish food and water care products Tetra’s production is IFS Food certified. This international standard assesses the quality and safety of our products with its rigorous testing and strict guidelines. IFS Food also facilitates a better understanding between management and employees on good practices, norms and procedures as well as challenges us to a more effective use of resources.

Good to know:

  • 100% green electricity since 2010
  • ISO 50001 certified since 2014
  • IFS food certified since 2017

We offer convenient and easy to understand solutions

Tetra products aim that everyone can keep healthy tropical fish at home. All our products undergo extensive internal assessment and testing in our in-house chemical and biological quality assurance departments to ensure product efficacy and safety, meet the highest quality standards and pass international regulations.

We use high quality ingredients

The ingredients of our fish food products are being sourced responsibly and regionally, the water care products are being produced safely and we are committed to increase the energy efficiency of our aquariums as well as technic products such as filters, LED-lights, pumps and automatic feeders.

We aim at making our packaging recyclable

Our packaging is crucial – it protects, ensures quality and easier handling as well as extends the shelf life of our products. We are committed to meet the high requirements of the IFS standard, which means our packaging are safe for food use. Today, most of our packaging is already recyclable and we are aiming to make the rest of our packaging recyclable as well.

We save 60t of plastics anually

We are constantly assessing the recyclability of our current packaging by using the Recycling Compass, a recycling capability assessment tool and make changes accordingly to the analysis results. Additionally, we save as much plastic as possible in the meanwhile. This has already resulted in saving more than to 60t of plastics annually since 2014.

We are committed to build a diverse, inclusive and safe workplace

Our employees are our greatest asset. Our success is built on our knowledge, passion and commitment. Therefore, Tetra as an employer is committed to build a diverse, inclusive and safe workplace for all its employees to thrive and prosper. Tetra offers employees attractive conditions, individual development opportunities and a corporate culture based on respect, trust, collaboration, accountability, and equality of opportunity.

We build strong relationships

Bringing people closer to nature is a collaborative effort. Tetra is partnered with the zoo in Osnabrück, Germany since 1999. Yearly, over a million visitors are getting inspired and informed about the fascination of aquatic life. Also, Tetra promotes aquariums in schools and kindergartens, so children can learn from an early age on how to responsibly take care of animals.