14. September 2021

Sustainable management thanks to the ISO 50001 energy management system


With a view to reducing our annual energy consumption, cutting costs and minimising our CO2 emissions: back in 2014, at Tetra we introduced a certified energy management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001 to systematically and continuously improve our energy performance – because we aware of our responsibility towards our environment, our partners and our customers. 

As part of the internationally recognised ISO 50001 certification and the associated audits and recertifications, our energy management system is regularly subjected to extensive examination. As part of this, our company’s energy consumption is broken down and outlined in detail, not only to raise awareness about energy efficiency, but also to make potential savings easy to spot. This ongoing optimisation process for sustainable management complies with all legal provisions and is recognised world-wide, and this international validity is all the more reason to become ISO 50001-certified. After all, companies no longer have to think locally or nationally nowadays, they must compete globally with energy consumers. This makes it all the more important to follow uniform and transferable corporate standards which can have an effect across the globe. Together for a more sustainable future!