12. February 2021

Sustainable packaging, recyclable materials

Tetra’s ambition to achieve greater ecological sustainability is evident in a variety of ways. One of these is our switch to environmentally friendly packaging solutions which require less material and are fully recyclable – without having to make compromises on product safety. 

We understand the dangers of plastic for the environment and our health, but to meet high demands in terms of the shelf life, hygiene and quality of our fishkeeping products, we cannot always avoid plastic entirely given the present-day options. Our solution is to gradually switch to packaging that is 100% recyclable, thereby protecting valuable resources. The use of mono-materials proves to be particularly sustainable, as in contrast to composite materials they have much better recycling properties and can easily be returned to the closed-loop material cycle. 

Until all of our packaging is fully recyclable, we endeavour to use as little plastic as possible. So far, we have already managed to save 63 tons of plastic through measures such as reducing the thickness of our containers and bottles, or by integrating Tetra tub labelling as part of our production process. We use a recycling compass to determine how recyclable our packaging solutions are. This tool helps us to precisely analyse the recyclability of all of our containers at any time, to discover potential for improvement and to further optimise our packaging design.