Tetra ReptoDecoFilter RDF300
Innovative combination of filtration & decoration for aquatic terrariums of 20 to 200 litres. The ReptoDecoFilter can be easily placed in any corner of an aquatic terrarium – ideal for shallow water terrariums with 10-15cm of water. It keeps the water clear with a three-stage filtration and removes unpleasant odours and discoloration.
Tetra EasyCrystal Filter Pack C 250/300 with Activated Carbon
The innovative EasyCrystal Filter Pack C 250/300 is suitable for both EasyCrystal Filter 250 and EasyCrystal FilterBox 300. With its intensive physical biological and chemical filtration, the filter cartridge ensures crystal clear, healthy water.Fast, clean replacement: For best results change the filter cartridge every four weeks. No need to rinse the filter medium, no more wet hands! Important: The filter cartridge must be placed into the filter with the green side facing towards the front of the unit.
Tetra HT Aquarium Heater
High-performance heater with different power settings.
Tetra APS Aquarium Air Pumps anthracite
Very quiet and extremely effective air pumps.
Tetra APS Aquarium Air Pumps white
Very quiet and extremely effective air pumps.
Tetra AS Air Stone
Fine-pored Air Stones for optimum oxygen supply in all aquariums.
GS 45 Aquarium Glass Scraper
For the simple and effective cleaning of interior aquarium glass panes.
Tetra myFeeder
Reliable automatic feeder for customised and targeted fish feeding.
Tetra GC Gravel Cleaner
Convenient, easy-to-use gravel cleaner available in three different sizes.
Tetra MC M magnetic glass cleaner

Cleans aquarium glass quickly and efficiently.

Tetra EasyWipes
Cleaning wipes for all tropical and marine aquariums