Tetra ReptoMin

Tetra ReptoMin - Optimal nutrition for a complete and balanced diet for all water turtles
Tetra ReptoMin Menu
Staple food for all turtles. For a varied and species-appropriate nutrition.
Tetra Tortoise
Staple food for the species-appropriate feeding of all tortoises.
Tetra Test 6in1

Test strips to quickly and easily check six water quality parameters in 60 seconds

Tetra Test pH
Measures the pH value reliably and precisely
Tetra TestStrips Ammonia
Fast and easy testing of NH3/NH4+.
Tetra Test GH
Measures overall hardness reliably and precisely
Tetra Test KH
Measures carbonate hardness reliably and precisely
Tetra Test NO3-
Measures the nitrate value reliably and precisely
Tetra AlguMin*

Combats effectively all types of algae. For prevention and fast action.

Tetra GC Gravel Cleaner
Convenient, easy-to-use gravel cleaner available in three different sizes.
GS 45 Aquarium Glass Scraper
For the simple and effective cleaning of interior aquarium glass panes.
Tetra EasyWipes
Cleaning wipes for all tropical and marine aquariums