Keep your pond shimmering underneath the sun this spring and summer with Tetra’s essential pond products.

Whether you’re new to ponds this year, or have an existing pond which needs some much needed love, Tetra has a great range of products to help with all areas of pond care and maintenance.

From a range of healthy high quality pond food, to great easy products to test your water quality, to reliable care and treatments to quickly get your pond back to its healthy flowing state. We will have your pond looking healthy and great in no time!


Pond food that puts fish first…

The Tetra Pond Food range consists of carefully selected, high-quality raw materials, which are produced in a special manufacturing process in order to retain all vital nutrients. They promote vitality, intensive colouring and the healthy growth of pond fish. In addition, they result in very little waste, thus helping to maintain excellent water quality and clarity. 

Our most popular foods are below, to see the rest of the range, click here.


Test for excellence…

Good quality water is vital for healthy fish and plants; however there is no way to visibly check this in ponds. Regularly testing your water will highlight any underlying problems your pond may have, and allow you to act accordingly.

Tetra 6in1 Pond Strips enable pond keepers to test water quality with ease by evaluating the six most important water values including general and carbonate hardness, nitrite, nitrate, pH value and chlorine. The free Tetra Digital app is the perfect companion to the test strips and quickly analyses results before providing tips for next steps.

For instance, the test strips may say that there is too much chlorine in your water, the app may then recommend Pond AquaSafe to rapidly and effectively neutralise these harmful substances and also add essential substances such as minerals and iodine to the water.

Click here to see our popular water care products including Pond Aquasafe.

The Tetra Aquatics App offers even more features. Visit or watch the video:
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Solutions for every need…

Ponds are ecological systems that are very susceptible to changing environmental conditions. Tetra offer a range of products for optimum pond care, improving water quality, or preventing the growth of algae and effective treatment of most common fish disease.

Quick guide to solving pond problems ...

Please find our quick guide to solving pond problems and recommended products below:


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