Why Micro Food?

The all new Tetra Micro Food range is designed especially for small fish with small mouths, e.g. neons, danios, guppies. The small particles soften quickly and provide a quick and easy food intake. The Micro Food range contains a balanced combination of extremely fine-grained and microsieved high-quality raw materials: while the red particles contain carotenoids for intense colouring, the green ones contain vegetable ingredients for health and vitality. Micro Food is highly palatable and digestible for less waste.

Target fish species

Specially developed for the different eating habits and needs of small tropical fish.

Micro Granules

Slowly sinking. Ideal for mid and bottom water fish.
Ø 0,3 – 1 mm

Micro Sticks

Floating on the water surface and slowly sinking. For top and mid water fish.
Size: Ø 0,75 - 0,9 mm, L 1,5 – 2,5 mm