Results have shown:

Healthier and more consistent growth*

Tetra tested TetraMin and Tetra Goldfish against the same competitor food products in its own Biological Quality Assurance laboratory to compare their effects on growth and feed conversion across a 12 week period. The results of these food performance tests were also clear: fish fed with TetraMin or Tetra Goldfish showed healthy and above all consistent growth whilst the weight gains of fish fed with the rival products either stagnated or even decreased in some cases.

Less waste for cleaner water

In addition, Tetra’s food demonstrated a good feed conversion rate which shows how efficiently food is converted by fish. The lower the quotient, the better the feed conversion rate. This means that fish need to be fed less to get all of the nutrients they need, which in turn helps to improve the water quality. The food performance test clearly demonstrated that TetraMin has a considerably lower feed conversion ratio, whereas the values of some of the rival products deviated by over 100%. TetraMin performed extremely well thanks to its top-quality ingredients that are perfectly tailored to the fishes’ needs as well as its successful combination of prebiotics and BioActive formula which helps fish to make optimum use of nutrients.

For its in-house food performance test, Tetra selected four popular species of tropical fish which are illustrative of a large group of tropical fish (as depicted here, red phantom tetras/ Fig. 1 and platies/ Fig. 2).

Honest labelling

In its very own Quality Assurance lab, Tetra constantly ensures that its food products contain exactly what is shown on the label. But this isn’t the case with all brands, as was demonstrated by analyses performed by an independent laboratory* that tested the amount of protein and fat actually contained in TetraMin, Tetra Goldfish and two other products of reputable European competitor brands. The results revealed that whereas both Tetra products contained the declared values, some of the competitors’ values were considerably different or even far beyond the tolerance limits prescribed by the EU Animal Feed Regulation.

Tetra’s in-house test proved that fish fed with the rival products grew on average up to 61% less than those fed with TetraMin. This result highlights the excellent quality of Tetra’s raw ingredients and formulas.

* Based on Tetra Min Flakes and Tetra Goldfish Flakes tested ag