Reduces high phosphate values (PO4) reliably and naturally - prevents the growth of undesired plants.

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Информация о товаре Информация о товаре
  • Надежно снижает высокие значения содержания фосфатов.
  • Особенно мягкое и естественное действие благодаря микроорганизмам в аквариуме.
  • Мягкое и безопасное средство для всех обитателей аквариумов.
  • Не загрязняет воду и не оставляет отложений на субстрате.
  • Подходит для мягкой воды (не требуется минимальный уровень КЖ).
  • Излишек фосфатов стимулирует появление нежелательной растительности.
Поиск магазина

Tetra PhosphateMinus reliably reduces excess phosphate (PO4) in the aquarium. Phosphate constantly accumulates in the aquarium water because it is generated by the decomposition of organic matter such as fish waste and food or plant remains. This is a natural process in the aquarium. But the condition of the tap water used also has an influence on the PO4 value. Phosphate is vital for aquarium creatures and plants because it is needed for many biochemical processes, such as plant photosynthesis. However, too much phosphate in the aquarium (over two milligrams per litre) encourages the growth of undesired plants. In addition, an excess of this nutrient can have an adverse effect on the water quality. The PO4 value should therefore be as low as possible (less than two milligrams per litre). Tetra PhosphateMinus removes excess phosphate gently and reliably (by up to two milligrams per litre if the recommended dose is added). A major advantage of this product is that it does not cloud or impair the aquarium water or leave any deposits on the substrate. Its active substance, an organic iron compound, decomposes slowly and naturally. It is broken down biologically by microorganisms in the aquarium within just 48 hours and can be absorbed and removed from the aquarium filter together with the remaining phosphate residues. The filter should therefore be cleaned regularly to remove all of the broken down phosphate from the aquarium’s ecosystem. Tetra PhosphateMinus reduces the PO4 value reliably, without affecting the carbonate hardness (KH). As such, the product is also suitable for aquariums with soft water. This makes Tetra PhosphateMinus a reliable and safe care product for all aquarium inhabitants.

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