Tetra Holiday Menu


Tetra Holiday Menu

С Тетра Холидей Меню ваши рыбы будут получать разнообразное и качественное питание в ваше отсутствие. Корм в виде гелевого блока на 100 % съедобный, его хватает на 14 дней и в нем содержится 3 разных типа корма, а также важнейшие питательные элементы.

  • Разнообразный корм для рыб на время отпуска до 14 дней
  • На 100 % съедобный гелевый блок корма
  • Содержит богатые белком пеллеты с формулой БиоАктив
  • Содержит все необходимые витамины, микроэлементы и минералы
  • Продукт обогащен невероятно вкусной дафнией и крилем
  • Для оптимальных параметров воды без помутнений

Количество блоков зависит от количества и размера рыб, дней отсутствия и размера аквариума.

Дополнительная информация о продукте

С Тетра Холидей Меню ваши рыбы будут получать разнообразное и качественное питание в ваше отсутствие. Корма хватает на срок до 14 дней в зависимости от размера аквариума и количества рыб. Благодаря особой технологии производства Тетра гелевый корм на время отпуска исключает использование гипса. Основным преимуществом такой технологии является то, что корм длительное время не оказывает никакого влияния на качество воды, поэтому ее параметры остаются неизменными. Корм в виде гелевого блока с формулой Тетра БиоАктив на 100% съедобен и содержит богатые белком пеллеты, а также вкусную дафнию и криль. Также в нем содержатся основные витамины, микроэлементы и минералы, необходимые для здоровья рыб. По мере необходимости рыбы в аквариуме будут откусывать по кусочку от блока, который сам по себе не растворяется.


What’s the difference between the holiday foods Tetra Holiday and Tetra Holiday Menu?

Tetra Holiday Menu is an enhanced version of the Tetra Holiday basic holiday food. The difference is that Tetra Holiday Menu provides fish with an even more varied diet because the gel food block also contains pellets with BioActive formula and krill, among other things.

What’s the difference between Tetra Holiday and other plaster-based holiday foods?

As Tetra Holiday is a gel food block, it is 100% edible. It is also water-stable, which means that it doesn’t dissolve in the water. The main advantage of this is that the holiday food does not affect the water values or have a negative impact on the water quality in the long term.

Would it make sense to add twice the usual amount of Tetra Weekend food (2x up to 6 days) to my aquarium instead of using Tetra Holiday food?

No, Tetra Weekend is only suitable for short periods away. Tetra Holiday is designed for longer periods of absence of up to 14 days and is therefore easier to administer when going on holiday. Instead of having to add lots of little food sticks, you only need to add one gel food block to your aquarium.

Are Tetra Holiday and Tetra Holiday Menu suitable for all ornamental fish?

Yes, both versions of the Tetra Holiday food are suitable for all ornamental fish. This has been checked and confirmed by means of extensive tests. There are also special gel food blocks for pond fish and goldfish.

Are Tetra Holiday foods also accepted by fish that mainly swim in the middle and upper areas of the tank?

Yes, the holiday foods are readily accepted by all ornamental fish, regardless whether they dwell at the bottom of the tank or in other areas of the water.

What should I bear in mind before using the gel food block, i.e. before going on holiday?

You should observe and carry out the following steps before going away:

  • Test the water parameters and carry out a partial water change (30%)
  • Check the filter but do not clean or replace the filter material just before you go away, otherwise you will reduce the number of useful bacteria too sharply
  • Ensure a sufficient oxygen supply via aeration or the filter outlet
  • Do not feed your fish extra food in addition to Tetra Holiday

How do I use Tetra Holiday and Tetra Holiday Menu properly?

Start by removing the little foil tin from the outer packaging and peeling off the lid, then push the gel block out of the tin directly into your aquarium.

How many gel food blocks do I need to buy before going on holiday?

One gel food block lasts for up to 14 days, depending on the size of your tank and the number of fish you have. See the table below for more accurate indications. The number of fish indicated in the table refers to fish with an average size of 3 to 6 cm. 


<60 litres

5 - 15 fishes

61 - 120 litres

10 - 30 fishes

121 - 200 litres

20 - 50 fishes

<7 1/2 block 1 block 1 - 2 blocks
7 - 14 1 block 2 blocks 3 blocks


Can fish nibble directly at the gel food block or does the holiday food dissolve in the water by itself?

No, the holiday food does not dissolve in the water. The fish can simply nibble at the block as and when they want to. The food block is 100% edible.

Can my fish be overfed or underfed with Tetra Holiday food?

No, if you have a healthy and appropriately fed stock of fish and you stick to our feeding recommendations, your fish cannot be underfed or overfed. Depending on the species, some ornamental fish are very greedy and compete with their conspecifics for food, whereas others are more hesitant and rather shy.

Can Tetra Holiday contaminate the water?

No, thanks to our gel food technology the holiday fish food is produced on a gel basis rather than as a gypsum block, which also means that it is 100% edible. The main advantage of this is that it does not negatively affect the water quality.

If I only need to use half a block, for how long can I keep the rest of the Tetra Holiday gel food block?

We recommend adding a whole block to your aquarium if you have a small tank or a small number of fish and removing any leftovers from the tank when you return home.

Can mould form on the food block when using Tetra Holiday food?

No, mould doesn’t form on the gel food block. If you notice a mould-like deposit, this is just a layer of bacteria that can form if there is a high bacteria density in your aquarium water. This occurs when the level of water contamination rises sharply due to insufficient water changes. A furry deposit on the gel block is simply a sign of this phenomenon and has nothing to do with the gel food itself.

Can Tetra Holiday food cause a snail plague?

No, Tetra Holiday can’t cause a snail plague. If you already have snails in your aquarium, they will see Tetra Holiday as a welcome source of food and gather on the food block in next to no time. This can even help you to deal with a snail plague if you already have one. If your Tetra Holiday food block is covered with snails, simply remove it from the aquarium, using a net, together with all the snails.

Do I have to keep my aquarium constantly aerated while I’m away?

As a general rule, we recommend that you always provide a sufficient oxygen supply via aeration or the filter outlet, because oxygen in the aquarium water is crucial for fish. Some aquarium creatures consume oxygen and simply wouldn’t survive in the event of an O2 deficiency. Oxygen is not only needed for fish metabolism, it is also vital for plants and for nitrifying bacteria that break down ammonia and nitrite (which are toxic to fish) into harmless nitrate. It is easy to detect a lack of oxygen in your tank (e.g. when fish swim up to the water surface and gasp for air), but when you’re away and unable to spot this problem, it can soon have deadly consequences. We therefore recommend that you constantly provide a sufficient oxygen supply in your aquarium while you’re on holiday to avoid the risk of an oxygen deficiency.

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