Tetronic LED ProLine 780

Tetronic LED ProLine 780

High-quality and adjustable LED aquarium light for ideal light conditions in your aquarium. The length of the light can be adjusted, making it easy to convert the lighting in aquariums of all sizes.

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  • High-quality and adjustable LED aquarium light
  • Creates ideal light conditions for lush plant growth
  • Night mode for a soft blue light in the evening and at night
  • Easy to convert from T5/T8 light to Tetra Tetronic LED light
  • 50% less energy consumption than T5/T8 lights
  • Really sustainable thanks to service life of around 50,000 hours
  • Waterproof aluminium housing
  • 2-year guarantee
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The Tetra Tetronic LED light creates ideal light conditions in your aquarium and therefore encourages plant growth. The innovative LEDs produce a broad light spectrum in your aquarium, which promotes the formation of chlorophyll and thus boosts plant growth. In addition to their broad light spectrum, the LED bulbs also emit a colour temperature (6,000 kelvin) that is similar to daylight. This makes the colours in the aquarium look particularly natural and intense. The integrated night mode casts a soft blue glow over the aquarium in the evening and at night. Furthermore, the LEDs are extremely energy-efficient: with a service life of around 50,000 hours they consume 50% less energy than normal T5/T8 lights. Therefore, the LED bulbs need replacing much less often, which makes them really sustainable. As well as promoting plant growth and saving energy, the Tetra Tetronic LED light is also quick to install in any aquarium. Thanks to the adapter (included in the kit), the light can be fastened to the edge or below the lid of your aquarium. The Tetronic LED light also comes with a wide range of accessories so that you can easily install it in your aquarium’s existing T5/T8 fluorescent tube brackets. All you need to do is attach the adapter to the extension arms – you don’t even require any extra tools. The adjustable extension arms can make the LED light up to 12 cm longer on each side so that you can adjust it to the specific size of your aquarium. The premium-quality aluminium housing and a special sealing system also protect the Tetronic LED light against moisture. This makes the Tetra Tetronic LED light ideal for all aquarium owners.

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