Carefully selected mix of highly nutritious and functional ingredients with vitamins, minerals and trace elements providing a complete diet for daily feeding.

Packaging Units

12 g, 100 ml / 20 g, 100 ml / 20 g, 250 ml / 52 g, 250 ml / 52 g, 250 ml / 52 g, 500 ml, 1 L / 200 g, 1 L / 200 g, 10 L

Product Information Product Information
  • Mixture of seven different flakes consisting of more than 40 high-quality raw materials
  • Excellent floating and sinking behavior of the flakes provide a species appropriate food intake
  • Contains the BioActive formula to support a healthy immune system and a long live
  • Plus prebiotics for improved body functions and nutritional utilisation
  • Excellent acceptance by all ornamental fish
  • For healthy fish and clear water
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