Tetra Vital

Tetra Vital

Promotes vitality, well-being and the natural colouring. TetraVital adds essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements from the natural habitat of the fish that tap water cannot provide, or which are used up in the aquarium. This creates an almost natural environment, where fish can feel at ease and develop their natural colouring.

Packaging Units

250 ml, 500 ml

Product Information Product Information
  • Naturally active B vitamins serve to enhance fish vitality and reduce stress
  • Magnesium increases well-being and promotes healthy growth
  • Panthenol protects the mucous membranes of fish
  • Iodine helps prepare fish for mating and encourages successful spawning
  • Essential trace elements help to prevent deficiencies
  • Promotes the growth of plants and microorganisms
  • Suitable for all freshwater aquaria
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