Tetra Rubin Flakes

Tetra Rubin Flakes

Complete food with natural colour enhancers for the daily feeding of all ornamental fish. This top quality flake mix with natural colour-enhancing ingredients boosts the colour vibrancy of the fish.

Packaging Units

100 ml / 20 g, 100 ml / 20 g, 250 ml / 52 g, 250 ml / 52 g, 1 L, 1 L / 200 g, 10 L

Product Information Product Information
  • Complete food in flake form with natural colour enhancers
  • Brings out the bright and full colours of all red, orange and yellow ornamental fish
  • Colour-enhancing effect can be seen after just two weeks
  • The BioActive formula maintains a healthy immune system
  • Contains prebiotics for good digestion and food conversion
  • For healthy fish growth and clear water
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