Tetra ReptoSafe

Tetra ReptoSafe

Fast dissolving Tetra ReptoSafe neutralises tap water making it safe for aquatic reptiles like water turtles and amphibians.

Packaging Units

250 ml, 100 ml

Product Information Product Information
  • The new formula promotes healthy animals in all aquatic terrariums through a unique mix of vitamins, natural biopolymers as well as trace elements
  • ReptoSafe instantly turns tap water to species-appropriate aquarium water comparable to reptiles’ natural environment
  • Harmful substances are immediately neutralised: Chlorine and Chloramine are eliminated and heavy metals like copper, zinc and lead are bound completely by a complexing agent
  • The optimised vitamin formula reduces stress and supports long lasting health
  • Reptiles’ and amphibians’ skin is protected by tangible colloid ingredients
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