Tetra ReptoHeater RHT 50

Tetra ReptoHeater RHT 50

The robust Tetra ReptoHeater RHT 50 offers highest reliability. Being shatterproof the heater is safe for water turtles, other aquatic reptiles and amphibians. It is fully submersible, easy to use and offers an accurate temperature of 25°C. The compact 50 watt Tetra ReptoHeater RHT 50 can heat up to 80 liters of water. The two suction cups provide maximum hold to prevent movement even by active aquatic reptiles.

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RHT 50

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  • Tetra ReptoHeater RHT 50 – Shatterproof heater for aqua-terrariums
  • Accurate heater - preset 25°C
  • Automatic shut-off prevents damage if the heater is not fully submersed
  • Shatterproof construction due to injection-molded thermal plastic casing and epoxy filling
  • Wide heating element with Kanthal core ensures highly efficient heat transfer
  • Extra flat design with two suction cups
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