Tetra ReptoAquaSet

Tetra ReptoAquaSet

The world of reptiles is a fascinating one, creatures from a long long forgotten era. Water turtles are a well-known species of reptiles. With the ReptoAquaSet you are able to create your own water turtle environment. The set includes all items you need to start this wonderful hobby, just set up the tank with all the equipment and decorate it, fill in water and ReptoSafe and put in your water turtle to enjoy it.

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  • The Tetra ReptoAquaSet contains:
  • Tank with slanted front pane for a great view into the tank
  • Powerful filter with three-stage filtration that removes debris, discolouration and odours
  • LED lighting that can be easily positioned in the chosen area of the tank
  • Island that provides an area on dry land with an indentation to hold the animals’ feed
  • Double-sided poster that caters to all tastes, with a choice of either a fun children’s motif featuring comical images of turtles or a natural setting of the South Seas
  • Feed & Care products specially developed and balanced to feed young turtles and to make tap water safe
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