Tetra Pond Algae Net

Tetra Pond Algae Net

Telescopic, fine-mesh net for removing algae from garden ponds

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  • Suitable for removing algae and plant matter
  • Particularly finely meshed net (mesh width of 0.5 mm)
  • Light telescopic handle made from aluminium (135 – 203 cm)
  • Trapezoidal net head (45.5 cm x 40.0 cm)
  • Maximum net depth of 38 cm
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The Tetra Pond Net Algae is ideal for removing algae, leaves, insects, plants and plant matter from ponds. With an extremely fine mesh of just 0.5 millimetres, it can easily catch even the smallest of particles in the water to reliably remove all contaminants from the pond. After all, autumn and winter are the times of year when it is particularly important to remove as many contaminants as possible from ponds in order to prevent poor water parameters and algae. Thanks to its telescopic yet extremely sturdy aluminium handle, the Tetra Pond Net Algae is also ideal for getting to the less accessible pond areas. Even with deeper ponds, the adjustable handle length of 135 to 203 centimetres enables you to effortlessly reach all areas that you want to clean without having to stand on plants or balance on rocks near the edge of the water. This prevents you from damaging the plants and possibly even the pond lining. The Tetra Pond Net Algae features a trapezoid shaped net head with a width of 45.5 centimetres, a length of 40 centimetres and a maximum depth of 38 centimetres enabling you to catch even larger amounts of dirt with a rubber handle that stops the net from slipping out of your hands. With a light weight of only 398 grams, the Tetra Pond Net Algae is an indispensable tool for maintaining and cleaning your garden pond.

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