Tetra Pleco XL Tablets

Tetra Pleco XL Tablets

Nutritionally balanced premium tablet food for all larger herbivorous bottom-feeding fish.

Packaging Units

133 Tbl.

Product Information Product Information
  • Optimal, varied nutrition specifically developed for all larger herbivorous bottom-feeding and timid fish
  • The new Multi Tablet formula contains a high content of Spirulina to support health and vitality
  • Contains all essential nutrients, vitamins, and trace elements
  • Stabilized vitamin C for improved resistance and healthy growth
  • Enriched with Spirulina algae, seaweed and vegetable proteins to match natural diet
  • Omega-3 fatty acids support an optimal development of fish
  • Biologically balanced
  • All Tetra foods are highly digestible to reduce waste and support clean and clear water
  • Tablets sink fast, allowing placement near to hiding places of timid fish
  • softens quickly for easy eating, yet does not break down and cloud the water
  • Intensive research and development, carefully selected ingredients, state-of-the-art technology and permanent quality control ensure you’ll always receive best quality
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