Tetra pH/KH Plus

Tetra pH/KH Plus

Tetra pH/KH Plus allows a precise and controlled increase of carbonate hardness (KH). The pH value depends on KH and carbon dioxide (CO2) content. If the CO2 level is constant, the pH value can only be influenced by the KH value. 

Packaging Units

250 ml, 250 ml

Product Information Product Information
  • The pH value is stabilized and a sudden drop in acidity is avoided
  • The optimal adjustment of KH and pH is also very important for near-natural aquarium water, to follow the needs of different fish types
  • Check water parameters regularly e.g. with Tetra Test 6in1
  • 250 ml for 1,000 litres of aquarium water (increase of KH by about 1°dH)
  • For all freshwater and marine aquariums
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