Tetra myFeeder

Tetra myFeeder

Reliable, easy-to-use automatic feeder. For customised and targeted fish feeding.

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  • Automatic and reliable fish feeding
  • Unique dual housing system reliably protects the food against the light, air and moisture
  • Digital display for simple programming
  • Food quantity can be individually adjusted
  • Multi-functional attachment options
  • Fill level viewing window
  • Battery charge level indicator
  • Two-year guarantee
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The Tetra myFeeder automatic feeder enables your aquarium fish to be fed in a customised and targeted manner without you needing to be anywhere near them. The automatic feeder reliably administers precisely the right amount of food. The digital display can be used to programme up to three feed times and one or two intervals. The appropriate amount of food can be conveniently externally set. If you ever want to feed and extra amount, simply press the button to instantly dispense exactly the set amount of food. The myFeeder’s specially developed, unique food compartment reliably protects the food against the light, air and moisture: the dual housing system securely encases the food and protects it against external influences. The myFeeder’s digital display notifies you if the batteries need to be changed, while further technical details also make the automatic feeder exceptionally easy to use. Attaching the myFeeder to the aquarium is extremely simple. The feet are height adjustable and made from rubber to reduce noise during feeding. A window at the front of the automatic feeder also enables you to see its current fill level. With the numerous technical details and premium quality, the myFeeder automatic feeder is a reliable and safe aid to fishkeeping.
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