Tetra Koi Beauty First

Tetra Koi Beauty First

Staple food for young koi, in the form of small, floating pellets. For healthy growth and bright colours.

Packaging Units

150 g

Product Information Product Information
  • Balanced formula comprising high-quality nutrients for the special requirements at an early stage in life
  • Rich in protein and with a high energy content to support healthy growth of young koi
  • Enriched with key vitamins and essential fatty acids, such as omega-3
  • Contains beta-glucan to maintain a healthy immune system
  • The small pellets soften up quickly so that the fish can eat them easily
  • Highly digestible, which helps to keep the water clear
  • Ideal as a daily food for young koi carp
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Tetra Koi Beauty First pellets provide young koi with all the essential nutrients they need for healthy growth and bright colours. By feeding their fish Koi Beauty First from an early age, koi owners can ensure that their fish enjoy long, healthy lives. Key nutrients such as a higher protein content, which is essential for growth among young fish, as well as omega-3 fatty acids provide koi with enough energy for healthy growth. Beta-glucan helps koi carp to build up a resistant immune system from an early age, which protects them effectively against diseases. At the same time, supplements such as beta-carotene (that can be found in carrots and sweet potatoes), enhance the particularly vibrant colours of the fish. As the high-quality ingredients make a substantial contribution to good food conversion and are highly digestible, they also help to keep the pond water clean and ensure good water quality. Some young koi have a body length of less than 10 cm and are therefore smaller than their older, adult conspecifics. For this reason, Tetra Koi Beauty First pellets are smaller than the pellets for larger koi carp. This makes them easier for the growing fishes to eat. All in all, Tetra Koi Beauty First pellets are an ideal staple food for growing koi carp.

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