Tetra Goldfish GoldMed

Tetra Goldfish GoldMed

Tetra Goldfish GoldMed is a general remedy that targets the most common fish diseases, such as white spot, skin and gill parasites, fin rot, fungal infections and also prevents secondary infections.

Packaging Units

100 ml

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  • Areas of application: Ectoparasitic diseases, such as white spot (Ichtyophthirius multifiliis), Costia, Chilodonella; bacterial infections such as fin rot; fungal infections such as Achlya, Saprolegnia; skin and gill parasites; wounds and abrasions
  • Amount of active ingredients per 100 ml of solution: 1.54 g of formaldehyde, 14.43 mg of malachite green oxalate
  • Treatment for coldwater ornamental fish
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