EasyCrystal FilterPack Folding Box A 250/300 10-30L*

EasyCrystal FilterPack Folding Box A 250/300 10-30L*

The EasyCrystal FilterPack keeps your aquarium water crystal clear through intensive mechanical and biological filtration. It also contains a long lasting anti-algae agent to safely combat algae.

Packaging Units

30 L

Additional information

* Use anti-algae products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Product Information Product Information
  • Safely tackles algae - for crystal-clear water
  • Combats algae continuously - prevents new algae growth
  • For use in aquaria with a 10 - 30-litre capacity
  • Suitable for the EasyCrystal Filter 250/300 and the ReptoDecoFilter
  • Mechanical and biological filtration: double-layered filter floss effectively removes even the tiniest floating particles to provide crystal-clear water
  • Coarse pre-filter: white filter floss
  • Narrow-pore, fine filter: green filter floss
  • Long lasting anti-algae agent: the continuous flow of water inside the filter ensures that the active agent is dispensed gradually and in the right dosage
  • Handy clip fasteners for quick and simple cartridge replacement
  • Replace the filter cartridge every 4 weeks to ensure an excellent level of filtration. The green side of the filter cartridge must face towards the front of the EasyCrystal Filter. In the Tetra ReptoDecoFilter, the green side must face inwards, towards th
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