Slowly sinking complete food in granular form for all fish that feed in the middle and lower water regions, e.g. discus fish, angelfish, barbs, loaches and catfish. The top-quality granulated food supports vitality and colour intensity.

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100 мл / 30 г, 250 мл / 75 г

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Tetra Prima is a slowly sinking complete food in granular form. It makes it easier for ornamental fish that favour the middle regions of the tank, such as discus fish, angelfish and barbs, to feed naturally. The granular food softens up quickly so that the fish can eat it easily. With its wholesome mix of ingredients, Tetra Prima is suitable for daily feeding. Natural ingredients such as shrimps and anchovies ensure a high protein content (47.5%) and maintain fishes’ vitality, resilience and colour intensity. Tetra Prima contains all essential vitamins (e.g. vitamins A, C and D) as well as trace elements such as zinc and iron. The enriched vitamin C in particular prevents diet-related deficiencies and ensures healthy fish growth. Natural fibres e.g. from algae encourage good digestion. Tetra Prima was developed according to the latest scientific findings and is subject to ongoing checks to ensure excellent quality.

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