Pellet food for small ornamental fish, as a floating and slowly sinking complete food with an extra-small diameter of 0.4 to 1.2 mm.

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100 ml / 46 g

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Tetra Micro Pellets are particularly suitable as a complete food for all small ornamental fish which feed in the top and middle regions of the water. With a diameter of 0.4 to 1.2 mm, even fish with small mouths can easily eat the food. The small Tetra Micro Pellets are therefore ideal for small fish as they soften up quickly in the water, making them easy to eat. Tetra Micro Pellets contain top-quality nutrients and have a balanced formula comprising plant and animal based ingredients. As such, they offer everything that plant and meat-eating fish require for a balanced diet that is tailored to their needs. The red pellets also contain carotenoids to enhance the colour vibrancy of the fish, whereas the green pellets are made from plant ingredients to support health and vitality. Furthermore, this complete food is really highly digestible, which helps to keep the water clear. All in all, Tetra Micro Pellets are an ideal complete food for all small ornamental fish as well as young, growing cichlids and marine fish.

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