Tetra Pond AquaSafe

Pour une eau de bassin naturelle et parfaitement adaptée aux besoins des poissons

Tetra Pond FilterZym
Activates the biological cleaning power of the pond filter for better water quality and healthy pond water.
Tetra Pond WaterBalance
Water conditioner for long-lasting, natural and biological balance in garden ponds.
Tetra Pond SeasonStart
Ensures an optimum start to the pond season after winter.
Banishes pollutants and odours from garden ponds.
Tetra Pond CrystalWater
Crée rapidement une eau de bassin cristalline.
Tetra Pond WaterStabiliser
Quickly and effectively stabilises important water values in garden ponds.
Tetra Pond SedimentMinus
Réduit le volume de sédiments organiques dans les bassins de jardin.
Tetra Pond Peat&Straw Extract
Naturally colours the pond water to reduce the penetration of sunlight (sunglasses effect).
Tetra Pond PhosphateMinus

Quick remedy for high phosphate levels (PO4) in ponds.