Tetronic LED ProLine 1180


Tetronic LED ProLine 1180

High-quality and adjustable LED aquarium light for ideal light conditions in your aquarium. The length of the light can be adjusted, making it easy to convert the lighting in aquariums of all sizes.

  • High-quality and adjustable LED aquarium light
  • Creates ideal light conditions for lush plant growth
  • Night mode for a soft blue light in the evening and at night
  • Easy to convert from T5/T8 light to Tetra Tetronic LED light
  • 50% less energy consumption than T5/T8 lights
  • Really sustainable thanks to service life of around 50,000 hours
  • Waterproof aluminium housing
  • 2-year guarantee
Additional product information

The Tetra Tetronic LED marks a new generation of aquarium lighting. This high-quality LED aquarium light is size adjustable, creates optimum lighting conditions and supports lush plant growth thanks to the use of modern LED technology, which produces a broad light spectrum. This promotes the production of chlorophyll, which absorbs most of the light energy from violet-blue and orange-red light wavelengths and uses it for photosynthesis. To support both healthy plant growth and a fully functioning aquarium ecosystem, the Tetra Tetronic LED not only uses violet-blue light but also red LEDs to create an optimum wavelength range. Aquarists also benefit from the LEDs as the light’s wavelength range illuminates the aquarium evenly and brightly. The Tetra Tetronic LED also has a night mode that uses a soft blue light in the evening and at night to perfectly display the fish after dark so they can be observed at any time of day. In addition to the optimum lighting, the Tetra Tetronic LED is characterised by the simple conversion from T5/T8 lights to the new LED technology. In other words, the new LEDs can be simply fitted to the existing brackets for the T5/T8 fluorescent tubes in an aquarium. All you need to do is attach the adapter to the extension arms – you don’t even require any extra tools. The adjustable extension arms can make the LED light up to 12 cm longer at each end so that you can adjust it to the specific size of your aquarium. Furthermore, the LEDs are extremely energy efficient: with a service life of around 50,000 hours they consume 50% less energy than conventional T5/T8 lights. The LED bulbs therefore need replacing much less often, making them extremely sustainable. This all makes the Tetra Tetronic LED light ideal for any aquarium owner.


Which size of Tetronic aquarium light should be used for which tank size?

This depends on the aquarium’s dimensions. We generally recommend the following versions for the following tank sizes: 

  • Tetra Tetronic LED 380 – for aquariums from 380 to 620mm
  • Tetra Tetronic LED 580 – for aquariums from 580 to 820mm
  • Tetra Tetronic LED 780 – for aquariums from 780 to 1020mm
  • Tetra Tetronic LED 980 – for aquariums from 980 to 1220mm
  • Tetra Tetronic LED 1180 – for aquariums from 1180 to 1420mm
  • Tetra Tetronic LED 1380 – for aquariums from 1380 to 1620mm

Does the Tetronic aquarium light also support plant growth? What needs to be considered?

The wavelengths of the visible light, i.e. the light spectrum, from the Tetra Tetronic LED are optimally tailored to the requirements for photosynthesis. This promotes lush plant growth. In addition, the Tetra Tetronic LED is not only made up of the violet-blue light but also special red LEDs, which further optimise the wavelength range.

Is the Tetronic light also suitable for aquariums with a curved front pane?

Yes. The support adapter or Tetra Tetronic Arms can be used to flexibly attach the light to aquariums with a curved front pane.

What is the voltage of the power supply?

The power supply for the Tetra Tetronic aquarium light operates at 12 V.

For how long should the daytime lighting be switched on? Are the LEDs dimmable?

We recommend having the light on for 12 hours per day to create a regular and natural day/night rhythm.

Can the light be too hot for smaller or shallower aquariums?

The ribbed surface structure of the Tetra Tetronic LED is designed to optimally emit the heat generated by the light. Despite this, you still need to ensure that it does not rest on other materials. The adapters supplied are designed to always ensure a sufficient gap between the light and other materials.

What colour spectrum does the Tetra Tetronic aquarium light offer?

The light has a colour temperature of 6,000 K. Chlorophyll is mainly produced using light from the violet-blue and orange-red wavelengths. To optimally support plant growth, the Tetra Tetronic LED not only uses LEDS from the violet-blue spectrum but also red LEDs. This enables it to stimulate the production of chlorophyll and promote optimum plant growth and stable water parameters.

How durable are the LEDs in the Tetronic aquarium lights?

This product comes with a 24-month warranty. The LEDs have a service life of approx. 50,000 operating hours.

Tetronic LED ProLine 1180

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