Tetra ReptoDecoFilter RDF300


Tetra ReptoDecoFilter RDF300

Innovative combination of filtration & decoration for aquatic terrariums of 20 to 200 litres. The ReptoDecoFilter can be easily placed in any corner of an aquatic terrarium – ideal for shallow water terrariums with 10-15cm of water. It keeps the water clear with a three-stage filtration and removes unpleasant odours and discoloration.

  • Natural and efficient
  • Realistic stone appearance
  • Concealed intake holes
  • easy to clean – just replace the cartridges
  • Two filter cartridges
  • Powerful 3,5 W pump
  • filters up to 200 litres aquatic terrariums
  • full two-year warranty
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Max. Water Flow (l/h)

Energy Consumption(Watt)

Tetra ReptoDecoFilter

10- 200 L



Tetra ReptoDecoFilter RDF300

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