Tetra Malawi Flakes


Tetra Malawi Flakes

A premium flake food product with a special mix of algae that makes it ideal for all herbivorous cichlids.

  • Particularly ideal for all herbivorous cichlids
  • Premium quality mixture of spirulina platensis (20%), nori (17%) and chlorella (3%) algae
  • Rich in vegetable proteins and important nutrients
  • Helps cichlids enjoy healthy digestion and good vitality

Several times daily in small portions

Additional product information

Tetra Malawi Flakes are particularly ideal as a staple food for all herbivorous cichlids, such as the algae eaters from the Mbuna group. The premium quality mixture is made up of the three algae types spirulina (20%), nori (17%) and chlorella (3%) and specially tailored to the requirements of this fish species. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, Mbuna cichlids in the wild continually graze on the algae that grows on rocks and stones. As this algae contains a comparatively low amount of nutrients, the fish have to eat non-stop in order to meet their daily energy needs. In an aquarium, cichlids’ eating habits are no different. That means that the fish will greedily eat everything that is offered to them. In the case of very high-energy food products, this behaviour quickly results in overweight fish. This makes it all the more important to ensure that food for Mbuna cichlids contains all the essential nutrients and vitamins but will not lead to them becoming overweight. Tetra Malawi Flakes fulfil precisely these criteria: protein-rich spirulina platensis algae support the cichlids’ immune system, chlorella algae are rich in essential fatty acids and nori algae supply the fish with important fibre and minerals. The food is therefore rich in vegetable proteins and important nutrients to help the cichlids enjoy healthy digestion and good vitality. The protein-rich spirulina algae are also supplemented by two further algae species. All in all, Tetra Malawi Flakes are therefore particularly ideal as a staple food for all herbivorous cichlids from the Mbuna group but also suitable for all other cichlid species too.

Tetra Malawi Flakes

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