Tetra FreshDelica Bloodworms (tube)


Tetra FreshDelica Bloodworms (tube)

Gel food treats - for healthy feeding fun and a natural, varied diet for all ornamental fish.

  • Contains natural aquatic animals in a gel food packed with vitamins and nutrients
  • For healthy feeding fun and interaction with the fish
  • Has a fresh and natural taste to maximise acceptance
  • Practical gel food enables targeted feeding
  • Sterile, germ-free packaging
  • Contains up to twice as many nutrients as frozen food
  • Can be kept for three years, even without refrigeration

Feed Tetra FreshDelica several times per week in addition to the fishes’ complete food (e.g. TetraMin).

Additional product information

Tetra FreshDelica gel food is the perfect snack for in between meals as it ensures a lot of interaction and feeding fun with the fishes. As well as being a healthy natural food for all ornamental fish, this nutrient-rich gel also encourages a whole new type of interaction with the fish: The gel can be easily and accurately dispensed thanks to the handy tubes and sachets and the worm-like appearance in the water immitates natural circumstances. The natural varieties consisting of four different types of aquatics animals (bloodworms, brine shrimps, daphnia and krill) are readily accepted and eagerly eaten by the fish. Tetra FreshDelica comes in two portion sizes: the 3g sachet is ideal for aquarists who want to give their fish a little treat every now and again, whereas the large 80g tube allows aquarists to spend a lot of time dealing intensively with the fish without using up the gel food too fast. The sterile, germ-free packaging also ensures that the food remains fresh for a long time. Tetra FreshDelica can be kept for three years without refrigeration and makes an ideal dietary supplement to the TetraMin staple food. 


How long can I use FreshDelica after having released the packaging (defensibility)?

The product should be used up within three to four weeks.

Where and how should the opened tube be kept?

It is possible to keep this tube with the other food products at room temperature.

Why it is not necessary to keep the opened tube in a fridge or freezer?

Tetra FreshDelica is preserved and sterilized thus achieving a defensibility of the openend tube of three to four weeks.

Which quantity of the tube per liter or per fish is recommendable?


There is no existing general rule for this and you have to decide according to your experience with your aquarium. It depends on the quantity of fish in the aquarium and the aquarium size.

How often should FreshDelica be used in addition to the main food per week and which quantity should be used each time?

It is possible to feed FreshDelica at least two to four times a week. Due to the quantity please see question four.


The fish do not eat FreshDelica, what might be the reason for this?

It might be that the fish need some time to get used to this product if they only got dry food before. This effect is already known from frozen food.

Does the jelly food cloud the aquarium water? If so, how might the turbidity come into existence and how long will it remain?

A turbidity does not occur/appear. It is possible that fish disperse the jelly and as a result several parts of the food swim in the water, but this depends on the type of fish. These parts sink to the bottom of the aquarium and will be assimilated by the fish. Very small particles will be absorbed by the filter if it is working.

Does the jelly food raise the pollution in my aquarium?


How big is the nutrient content/nutrient supply of FreshDelica in contrast to frozen food?

Tetra FreshDelica contains up to a couple of times more nutrients than frozen food.

What is the benefit of FreshDelica in contrast to different additional food or in contrast to frozen food?

- Superior nutrient content (protein and fat)

- No pathogenic organism

- No pollution by heavy metals

- Safe keeping at room temperature

Is FreshDelica suitable for all types of fish or are there any exceptions?

Generally, FreshDelica is suitable for all types of fish.

How much time does the jelly need to sink to the bottom of the aquarium (is it slow or fast)?

It depends on how the jelly is put in or on the water. On the one hand the jelly sinks slowly to the bottom of the aquarium. On the other hand it swims on the surface of the water until the fish begin to eat. Afterwards the jelly begins to sink.

Do the fish eat FreshDelica during the time it needs to sink or not before it lies on the bottom?

It depends on the fish in the aquarium; both modes of behavior are possible.

If the jelly is not consumed completely will it dissolve or should it be removed from the aquarium?

If FreshDelica is fed in an adequate quantity it would not be necessary to remove the deposits of the jelly food. Otherwise, if a higher quantity than necessary is put in the aquarium, it would be essential to remove the rest of the jelly.

Is it necessary to distribute FreshDelica in the aquarium?

The jelly must not be distributed manually. It should be added in the aquarium near to the fish.

Tetra FreshDelica Bloodworms (tube)

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