Tetra FilterActive


Tetra FilterActive

Tetra FilterActive keeps the filter biologically active and keeps it cleaner for longer with its natural action. It contains live starter bacteria and sludge-reducing cleaning bacteria that accelerate the biological degradation of ammonia, nitrite, fish waste, sludge, food and plant remains and filter mud.

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  • Contains living starter bacteria and sludge-reducing cleaning bacteria
  • Breaks down ammonia, nitrite and organic pollutants such as fish waste, built-up sludge, food remains and dead plant materials
  • Reduces filter mud, extends cleaning intervals and improves filter performance
  • Promotes bioactivity in the substrate, prevents decay and reduces maintenance
  • Broad spectrum of bacteria to maintain biological activity after the water is changed or the filter is cleaned

Shake well before use. Add 5 ml per 20 l of aquarium water after changing or cleaning the filter. 1 section on the measuring scale = 10 ml. Use half dosage after water changes.

Additional product information

Tetra FilterActive contains a mix of living starter and sludge-reducing cleaning bacteria. Some important bacteria are lost through the regular cleaning an aquarium requires. Tetra FilterActive rebalances bacteria lost when the water is changed or the filter is cleaned. Tetra FilterActive contains living starter bacteria that settle in the filter on the filter material and maintain the biological balance in the aquarium. These nitrifiers are important for breaking down nitrite and ammonia, which are harmful to fish. This product provides immediate support for the biological activity in the aquarium. Tetra FilterActive also contains sludge-reducing cleaning bacteria that keep the filter cleaner for longer with their natural action. They accelerate the biological decomposition of organic pollutants such as fish waste, built-up sludge, food remains and dead plant materials. This improves the filter’s performance and extends the intervals between cleaning. It also promotes bioactivity in the substrate and prevents decay. This helps to keep the aquarium inhabitants happy and healthy and reduces the maintenance the aquarium needs. Tetra FilterActive contains natural bacterial cultures and is 100% biological. Its liquid formula is very easy to use and does not cloud the water. It can also be used to support the biological activity in the aquarium when new fish are added or the water is heavily contaminated due to a large number of fish.

New formula – double benefit

Tetra FilterActive comes with a new 2in1 formula. It is an beneficial treatment for all freshwater aquariums, ensuring a balanced biological environment in the aquarium. 2in1 not only accelerate the break down of pollutants like ammonia and nitrite, but also enhance the biological activity in the filter and gravel and promote good water parameters.

New benefit of cleaning bacteria

Rich in beneficial bacteria!

Better funktion, less cleaning
• Promotes biological activity by adding living bacteria
• Removes harmful ammonia and nitrite naturally from the water
• Reduces organic waste and sludge in the filter or gravel
• Optimises filter cleaning performance
• Boosts filtration after a water change or filter maintenance
• Promotes clean water and the wellbeing of fish
• 100 % natural bacterial cultures


Is Tetra FilterActive safe for all of my fish?

Yes, this product is safe for all aquarium inhabitants – fish, plants and invertebrates – and can be used with total peace of mind. It is 100% biological and designed for use in freshwater aquariums. Even if you use too much, you don’t need to worry (see next question).

What happens if I put too much Tetra FilterActive in my aquarium?

The product is 100% biological. Aside from increased oxygen consumption (caused by the bacteria), excessive amounts have no negative effects. The “excess” bacteria do their work for as long as the conditions allow and then die, leaving behind a stable bacteria population to maintain a biological balance. If you use too much, you should ensure a sufficient oxygen supply, for example using a diaphragm pump. 

Can I use Tetra FilterActive in my marine aquarium?

No, Tetra FilterActive is only suitable for freshwater aquariums.

Can I use the product 2–3 days after cleaning the filter?

Yes. However, with its live, highly effective bacteria, the product is designed to immediately support biological activity, which will decrease due to the loss of bacteria. Ideally, it should be used shortly after care activities (such as cleaning the filter, removing sludge/cleaning the substrate or changing the water) that remove helpful bacteria unintentionally.

What is the shelf life of Tetra FilterActive?

It can be kept for at least 18 months without refrigeration at temperatures between 2°C and 30°C.

What is the difference between Tetra SafeStart and Tetra FilterActive?

Tetra SafeStart is a “quick starter” product for a new aquarium. It is used when setting up an aquarium to quickly establish biological activity and to significantly reduce the normal settling-in phase. Its live, nitrifying bacteria break down ammonia and nitrite (which are toxic for fish) and allow fish to be introduced to the new aquarium at an earlier point.

Tetra FilterActive also provides these live, nitrifying bacteria. But its new 2in1 formula also contains sediment-reducing cleaning bacteria. The new formula reduces cleaning effort because sediment does not need to be removed from the filter as often. Tetra FilterActive also replenishes the nitrifiers lost after cleaning the filter, changing the water or medical treatment and re-establishes biological activity in the aquarium. Tetra FilterActive can also be used when new fish are added to the aquarium to prevent potential fluctuations in the biological balance. The new 2in1 formula can also be used if high stocking density leads to a build-up of sludge and sediment. In this case, weekly use is recommended.

What should I do if my child drinks Tetra FilterActive?

Please call +49 5422 105-0 and have the product packaging to hand so that you can answer questions about its contents. Don’t leave your child alone  and watch it carefully.

Tetra FilterActive

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