Tetra CompleteSubstrate


Tetra CompleteSubstrate

Nutrient-rich substrate with long-term fertilisation. Activates strong and healthy plant growth.

  • Substrate concentrate with long-term effect
  • For new installation of aquariums
  • Ready to use
  • Promotes fast, secure adhesion and resistant roots
  • Natural product enriched with specific micronutrients and minerals
  • Long-lasting iron for rich green leaves
  • Natural black peat with a high content of humic components creates a balanced soil climate
  • Optimised quartz sand mixture allows rapid root cultivation and promotes the circulation of water
  • Without nitrate and phosphate
  • For all freshwater aquariums
Pour Tetra CompleteSubstrate with a layer of approximately 2 - 4 cm onto the bottom of the aquarium. Then cover it with an approximately 4 cm thick layer of Tetra ActiveSubstrate or aquarium gravel.
Additional product information

Optimal maintenance of aquaria plants: For permanent healthy and magnificent plant growth, we recommend a monthly root fertilisation with Tetra Crypto and regular leaf fertilisation with Tetra PlantaMin or Tetra PlantaPro. In lush planted aquariums an additional enrichment of the important plant nutrient CO2 is recommended (e.g. using the Tetra CO2 Optimat or Tetra CO2 Plus). Furthermore a daily illumination time of 10 - 12 hours with constant light intensity (regular change of light source, every six to twelve months) should be assured. Avoid direct sunlight in the aquarium, as this promotes algae growth.



2.5 kg for a 60 l aquarium

5.0 kg for a 120 l aquarium

Tetra CompleteSubstrate

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