Tetra Aquarium Playmobil 54L


Tetra Aquarium Playmobil 54L

The Tetra Playmobil aquarium helps Playmobil fans of all ages and underwater explorers take their first steps into the world of fishkeeping simply yet confidently. The complete set contains all the basic equipment, food and care products you need to get started, as well as an exciting explorer brochure and Playmobil decorative elements. A Playmobil scientist figure can also be purchased free of charge, separately to go with the Aquarium set.

  • Starter aquarium with a fold-out toy laboratory, Playmobil explorer brochure with instructions for beginners, aquarium background poster with Playmobil images
  • Playmobil scientist figure can be purchased separately, free of charge
  • Aquarium complete set with filter, heater, food and a water conditioner
  • Aquarium lid with practical feeding hatch
  • Energy-efficient, long-life LED light (10 watt)
  • Sturdy aquarium tank (4-mm-thick glass)
  • External dimensions 61 x 36 x 32 cm (54 L volume)
  • Powerful filter (3.5 watts) with replaceable filter materials
  • Reliable heater (50 watts) that can be concealed in the filter housing
Additional product information

The Tetra Playmobil aquarium is the perfect choice for Playmobil fans of all ages and underwater explorers. The complete set contains a double-sided background poster with Playmobil images and a fold-out toy world that is placed by the aquarium. A Playmobil scientist figure can also be purchased free of charge, separately to go with the Aquarium set. The set also includes an explorer brochure that not only helps to install and set up the aquarium, but also provides exciting information about the world of fishkeeping, encourages children to explore in a children’s section and offers handy checklists for parents. The Playmobil aquarium is particularly ideal for all newcomers to the world of fishkeeping because the complete set comes with the most important technical equipment and a clear, simple and child-friendly set-up brochure. As an added bonus, the filter cartridges for the powerful filter (3.5 watts) provided in the set are so easy to replace that you won’t even get your hands wet doing so. The reliable 50-watt heater, also included in the set, keeps the water at the perfect temperature and can be concealed in the filter housing. This makes it barely noticeable and leaves more room in the aquarium for plants and decorative elements. An energy-efficient, 10-watt LED light bathes the aquarium in bright, natural light. LED bulbs are not only far more energy efficient than conventional ones but also more environmentally friendly. They have a burn time of up to 50,000 hours meaning they don’t have to be replaced annually like most T5 and T8 bulbs. With four-millimetre-thick glass and outer dimensions of 61 x 36 x 32 centimetres, the aquarium is also extremely robust and can hold 54 litres of water. In summary, the Playmobil aquarium is the ideal choice for families with underwater explorers of all ages.


Which fish can I put in the aquarium?

The Tetra PLAYMOBIL aquarium is a 54-litre tank. It is suitable for small tropical freshwater ornamental fish such as guppies, neon fish, platies, mollies, zebra danios, pygmy catfish and bushymouth catfish. If you want to set up a coldwater tank (which does not require a heater), you can add coldwater fish such as gold fish and paradise fish. The size of the aquarium also makes it suitable for invertebrates like dwarf shrimps, zebra snails and trumpet snails and for crabs. Always bear in mind that some species like to live in (small) shoals, while others should be kept only in pairs. Seek advice from your pet store on which types of fish and invertebrates go well together and in what numbers. The brochure enclosed with the aquarium also contains some initial information on possible set-ups and suitable fish.

Can I put fish like Dory and Nemo in the PLAYMOBIL aquarium?

No, definitely not! Dory is a palette surgeonfish, Nemo is a clownfish and both species are marine fish that require a very specific aquarium set-up, technology and water quality (such as the right salt content). Above all, marine fish need a lot more than 54 litres of space. They must also be treated and cared for in a very specific way and are not suitable for people who are new to the world of fishkeeping. There is a reason why a marine aquarium is considered a “higher form” of fishkeeping.

Can I put the Tom PLAYMOBIL figure or other PLAYMOBIL toys in the aquarium?

No, only decorative items designed for this purpose can be used in an aquarium. Please speak to your pet store, who will be happy to advise you and provide suitable decorative items.

Where can I find further information that children will find interesting and easy to understand?

The following link contains several articles aimed at children and their parents. They provide lots of useful information for children about buying, setting up and maintaining an aquarium:



There is also a special landing page packed with games, fun and information about the Tetra PLAYMOBIL aquarium:



The Tetra Care System has plenty of useful information about water and plant care as well as SOS tips:




Tetra Aquarium Playmobil 54L

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