Tetra AlguMin*


Tetra AlguMin*

Tetra AlguMin rapidly combats all types of algae and effectively prevents new growth.

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* Use anti-algae products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

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  • The ingredient is released immediately to ensure a fast action
  • Optimum distribution of the active agent due to liquid formula
  • For all freshwater aquariums
Additional product information

Optimum algae prevention: Algae in an aquarium is unsightly and can also inhibit the growth of water plants. Furthermore they negatively influence the biological balance in the aquarium on a long-term basis. Algae grow when there is too much exposure to light or a surplus of nutrients exists. To prevent algae growth, the algae nutrients phosphate (PO4) and nitrate (NO3-) should be reduced, e.g. with Tetra EasyBalance. For prevention it is also possible to regularly use special anti-algae agents.

Tetra AlguMin*

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