Tetra ActiveSubstrate


Tetra ActiveSubstrate

Natural substrate which provides a plant-friendly soil climate and lush, healthy plant growth. The large surface and the porous structure of the water neutral clay granules offer several advantages compared to conventional gravel.

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  • Promotes the settlement of beneficial soil bacteria
    - Reduces organic water pollution
    - Relieves the filter and ensures clearer water
    - Supports the cycling time of the aquarium
  • Avoids the formation of soil compaction
    - Provides an optimal soil structure
    - Prevents root rot
  • Benefits the fast rooting of plants
    - Guarantees a firm grip as also fine roots are able to anchor in the clay pores
  • Provides plant roots optimally with nutrients
    - Allows a constant water circulation by 50 % more water permeability compared to conventional gravel
    - Promotes a strong and healthy plant growth
Wash thoroughly before use to remove transport-related abrasion, so that turbidity is avoided. Fill the aquarium with an approximately 4 cm high layer Tetra ActiveSubstrate. For an optimal plant growth we recommend a 2 - 4 cm high layer of the ground concentrate Tetra CompleteSubstrate as a basis .
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Optimal maintenance of aquaria plants: For permanent healthy and magnificent plant growth, we recommend a monthly root fertilisation with Tetra Crypto and regular leaf fertilisation with Tetra PlantaMin or Tetra PlantaPro. In lush planted aquariums an additional enrichment of the important plant nutrient CO2 is recommended (e.g. using the Tetra CO2 Optimat or Tetra CO2 Plus).

3 l for a 30 litre aquarium

6 l for a 60 litre aquarium

Tetra ActiveSubstrate

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