Tetra PlantaMin
Thanks to the special depot formula, the nutrients contained in Tetra PlantaMin stay available for plants over a period of 4 weeks. Iron, potassium, manganese and other essential trace elements provide a lush and healthy plant growth.
Tetra PlantaPro

Tetra PlantaPro specifically adds quickly consumed trace elements and vitamins in a form ready accessible for plants.

Tetra PlantaStart
Fertiliser tablets for beautiful aquatic plants. Ensures aquatic plants are specifically supplied with all essential nutrient combinations.
Tetra CO2 Optimat

The practical complete CO2 set for lush, healthy aquatic plants.

Tetra CO2 Depot

Carbon dioxide fertiliser for lush aquatic plants.

Tetra CO2 Plus

CO2 is an essential nutrient for a healthy and lush plant growth. Tetra CO2 Plus adds carbon to the water in a form ready accessible for plants.

Tetra CompleteSubstrate

Nutrient-rich substrate with long-term fertilisation. Activates strong and healthy plant growth.

Tetra ActiveSubstrate
Natural substrate which provides a plant-friendly soil climate and lush, healthy plant growth. The large surface and the porous structure of the water neutral clay granules offer several advantages compared to conventional gravel.
Tetra InitialSticks

Tetra InitialSticks provides nutrient-rich ground resulting in magnificent, strong aquarium plants.
Tetra ActiveGround Sticks

Tetra ActiveGround Sticks renews older, depleted ground by addition of essential nutrients.
Tetra Crypto
Root fertiliser tablets for lush, healthy aquatic plants.