Feeding fish

There’s not much happening around your pond. The fish are still eating very little and eventually return to the "warmer" waters at the bottom of the pond. You can carry on feeding fish with Wheatgerm Sticks for as long as they keep coming up to the surface. Wheatgerm Sticks are extremely high in fibre which, when water temperatures drop below 10 °C, ensures fish are adequately nourished. We would advise you not to feed other complete diets on any account, as these are hard to digest and will adversely affect the health of your fish. If your fish don’t finish their food, remove any remnants from the surface within half an hour. If you have sturgeon in your pond, give them »Sterlet Sticks during the winter. For all other fish, don’t give them any more food once they have withdrawn

Feeding your fish gives you a good chance to have a proper look at them. Are they all there? If not, look for the ones that are missing. It may be that one has died. This fish should be taken out of the pond as soon as possible, for gases from decay are produced especially in winter and are poisonous to fish. Add corpses to this, and the water quality will go on deteriorating.