What should you do if…?

…the pH is too low?

If a partial water change with tap water doesn’t result in the necessary pH 7, add pH/KH Plus to your pond, remembering to follow the »dosing guide and bearing in mind the required water hardness. As a result, you’ll raise carbonate hardness to at least 4° dH and stabilise the acidity of the water. Still continue to check the pH regularly, especially after a prolonged period of rainfall and re-dose with pH/KH Plus.

…organic matter can’t be removed from the pond?

SedimentMinus is a product that removes dead plant material and fish waste through biological decomposition. It works immediately and gives lasting results. It’s advisable to use it in conjunction with an air pump.

…the phosphate level is too high?

PhosphateMinus removes algae nutrients from pond water with lasting results. The product can be used all year round, including in spring. Dilute it with water and use a watering can to pour it over your pond.

…you had an algae attack last year?

Take action now to prevent new algae growth with »AlgoSchutz’s "sunglasses effect." Tiny particles in the water reflect sunlight, making it difficult for algae to photosynthesise. A quick and safe product for preventing algae in a natural way!

…fish have young?

Congratulations! Feed the fry several times a day with new SticksMini. Check water values with Test 6in1 on a continual basis, for the more fish there are, the more nutrients accumulate in the water. Depending on the number of fish, you might need to carry out a partial water change.

…the water is cloudy?

The cause for this can be various floating particles, such as pollen. CrystalWater neutralises these grains in a matter of hours and increases their surface area so that they can be caught in the filter or sink to the bottom.

…the pump isn’t working?

Clean the pump housing and take a look at the impeller (fan). Often, some bits of plant or algae from the previous year get stuck in the drive system. It may be that the impeller needs to be renewed. If you can’t find the cause, get your equipment checked over by your retailer.

…fish are colourless?

Winter was too long or fish weren’t conditioned with enough energy food in the autumn. The consequence is weak immune defences. Make sure the water quality is good and, as soon as water temperatures rise above 10 °C, feed your fish with revitalising food, for example Power Discs or Koi Sticks Growth. In addition, the water will need extra vitamins. AquaFit has a vitamin B complex, and therefore supports vital processes of metabolism, plus active iodine. Another advantage of the product is that it promotes the growth of filter bacteria. If fish still appear weak and sickly, treatment with MediFin may be necessary. Ask your pet retailer to advise you on this.