Feeding fish

Conditioning fish means giving them essential nutrients that keep them well through winter so that they are healthy and active again in spring. If you give your fish nutritionally poor food from transparent bags or old feed (packs should not be kept for longer than three months after opening), then you are setting yourself up for deficiency problems. Fish diseases, or even death, generally follow in the spring. That’s why it’s especially important to use high-quality foods such as those offered by Tetra. We recommend feeding Power Discs and the specially devised koi food Koi Sticks Growth right into autumn. »Power Discs are produced in a unique low-temperature manufacturing process which protects the added nutrients, meaning they are present in the food in above-average concentrations. Koi Sticks are specifically tailored to the dietary requirements of your koi. They are available in three different varieties: Koi Sticks for feeding over the summer, Koi Sticks Junior with a higher protein content to promote healthy growth in young fish and Koi Sticks Growth with increased fat content to help fish build up the reserves of nutrients they will need in winter. In addition, this food is ideal for use in late spring to give your fish an energy boost. If the water temperature falls to 10 °C in late autumn, you’ll need to reduce the use of your usual complete diet and substitute it with Tetra Wheatgerm Sticks. The feed contains an extremely high proportion of plant fibre to support the digestive tract of fish. When the water is cold, fish are no longer able to digest all the nutrients in other types of food staples, hence Wheatgerm Sticks are recommended as the last food before winter and the first food after winter.

Keep a close eye on your fish when you are feeding them and take away any food that has not been eaten. If the water temperature drops, they won’t eat as much. After a space of no more than half an hour, remove any remnants of food.