TetraPrima Mini Granules

TetraPrima Mini Granules

Complete food for small mid-water and bottom-feeding fish

Packaging Units

100 ml / 45 g

Product Information Product Information
  • Slow-sinking granules allow mid-water and bottom-feeding fish to feed naturally
  • Mix of herbivore and omnivore granules to cater for different dietary needs in a mixed community aquarium
  • Contains ActiveFormula for a healthy immune system
  • Less waste for cleaner and healthier water
  • Feeding guide

    Feed 2-3 times a day, only as much as the fish can consume within a few minutes. In mixed community aquariums, use in combination with TetraMin flakes / crisps or TetraPro. Feed Tetra FreshDelica to your fish 2-3 times a week to add v
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