Tetra Pond SedimentMinus

Tetra Pond SedimentMinus

Reduces organic bottom sludge in garden ponds.

Packaging Units

250 ml, 500 ml

Product Information Product Information
  • Breaks down organic components of bottom sludge (leaves, plant residues, food remains, fish waste, etc.) biologically
  • Extends the cleaning intervals for garden ponds and filters
  • Increases the visibility depth in garden ponds
  • Contains effective microorganisms that break down bottom sludge
  • Reduces sludge without disturbing the ecosystem with frequent cleaning measures
  • Prevents excessive sludge formation and supports the biological balance
  • Improves the water quality in garden ponds
  • Easy application and quick distribution of the product due to liquid formula
  • Content: 100 ml for 2,000 l of pond water
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Complementary product: Tetra Pond WaterStabiliser

With a pond aeration system the effect can be increased.

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