Tetra Peppa Pig Aquarium 18L

Tetra Peppa Pig Aquarium 18L

Let your child discover the joy of fishkeeping with Peppa Pig. Tetra has the perfect starter kit for you and your family! Not only does it include the fishkeeping essentials, but also decorations to make the setting up of the tank more fun.

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18 L

Product Information Product Information
  • 18l glass tank made in Europe
  • Dimensions: 36x18x35 cm
  • With lid and feeding hatch
  • Premium, modern look
  • EasyCrystal Filter and one EasyCrystal Filter cartridge (easy to replace and no more wet hands)
  • Gravel (2 bags, each 400g)
  • Aquarium background (water resistant hard foil)
  • Fun aquarium stickers
  • Tetra food and care samples: TetraMin and Aquasafe
  • Fishkeeping information booklet for children with fun activity section
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