Tetra EasyCrystal FilterBox 300

Tetra EasyCrystal FilterBox 300

Internal Aquarium Filter with heating compartment for crystal clear, healthy water and easy maintenance. The EasyCrystal FilterBox is a compact, space-saving complete set for optimum filtration of the aquarium water.

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  • an additional compartment enables an aquarium heater to be integrated into the EasyCrystal FilterBox. (The heater is not included. We recommend use of the precise Tetra Heater HT 50.)
  • With its intensive physical, biological and chemical filtration, the filter ensures crystal clear, healthy water:
  • Physical filtration: double-layered Filter Floss Pads reliably remove even the tiniest particles. White side = coarse pre-filter, green side = fine filter
  • Biological filtration: Filter Foam and Bio Filter Balls with an extra large surface area for the settlement of beneficial bacteria
  • Chemical filtration: special activated carbon to eliminate water clouding and unpleasant odours
  • The EasyCrystal Filter is also extremely easy to clean; just replace the filter cartridge every 4 weeks. There's no need to wash out the filter media, which means that your hands stay dry!
  • Suitable for aquariums from 40 to 60 l
  • TÜV/GS tested
  • 2-year guarantee
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Aquarium Size (l)

Max. Water Flow (l/h)

Energy Consumption (Watt)

Tetra EasyCrystal Filter 250

15 - 40



Tetra EasyCrystal FilterBox 300

40 - 60



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