Tetra AquaSafe

Tetra AquaSafe

Protects fish and plants reliably against harmful substances in tap water and adds important vital components. For nature-like aquarium water. The optimised formula ideally matches the care needs for skin and fins of your fish.

Packaging Units

50 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml

Product Information Product Information
  • Makes tap water safe for fish
  • Immediately neutralises dangerous chlorine, chloramine, copper, zinc and lead
  • Protects gills and mucous membrane of fish
  • Reduces stress and supports long term health with a special vitamin mix containing vitamin B
  • Promotes vitality, as well as growth and well-being, with added iodine and magnesium
  • Creates clear water by promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria
  • Dissolves fast, works in seconds with a long lasting effect
  • For all freshwater and marine aquariums
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Tap water contains substances which are not harmful to humans, but may be dangerous for ornamental fish. It is important to neutralise these substances with Tetra AquaSafe before adding fish and every time new tap water is added to the aquarium.

How Tetra AquaSafe works:

Eliminates harmful chlorine and chloramine which are found in tap water and heavy metals like copper, zinc and lead are bound completely by a complexing agent.

Protects gills and mucous membrane of fish with tangible care colloids.

Reduces stress for fish and supports long lasting health by a special vitamin formula containing B vitamins.

Adds essential elements that are present in natural environments: Iodine for vitality, magnesium for growth and well-being of fish and plants.

Contains bio colloids to support the growth of beneficial bacteria which create clear water.

Dissolves fast and works in seconds with long lasting effect for healthy aquarium water.


Content: 30 ml for 60 l of water

Content: 50 ml for 100 l of water

Content: 100 ml for 200 l of water

Content: 250 ml for 500 l of water

Content: 500 ml for 1,000 l of water

Content: 5 l for 10,000 l of water


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