60L Tetra AquaArt LED Explorer Line aquarium set

60L Tetra AquaArt LED Explorer Line aquarium set

The Tetra AquaArt Explorer Line aquarium set combines modern design with state-of-the art equipment and is easy and convenient to maintain, allowing you to create your own fascinating underwater world. The tank's 8.5-watt LED light gives off a natural light inside the aquarium, while the highly effective Tetra EasyCrystal Filter and accurate Tetra HT heater add the finishing touches to this complete set and provide a perfect environment for both fish and plants.

Packaging Units

60 L

Product Information Product Information
  • Aquarium set with a 180° curved front pane that forms an attractive "Half Moon" design
  • Premium-quality aquarium with glass that is 6 mm thick
  • Long-lasting and powerful 8.5-watt LED lighting with low power consumption
  • High-quality, transparent cover made from acrylic resin with a built-in feeding hatch
  • Flexibility over positioning of the equipment for optimum integration
  • Innovative EasyCrystal filter technology
  • Includes accurate Tetra HT50 aquarium heater
  • Comes complete with feed and care products
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