FAQ - Pond

Are all koi foods the same quality?

At what times of the year should I feed the different KoiExcellence diets?

Can colour-enhancing foods affect the white areas of my fish?

Do I need to soak koi food before feeding it?

How does the food I feed affect algae growth?

How does the food I feed affect my maintenance regime?

How does the food I feed affect the health & condition of my koi?

How does the food I feed affect water quality?

How much should I feed my koi?

Is a protein skimmer beneficial for a Koi pond?

Is it beneficial to give my koi treat foods?

Is it necessary to supplement my koi's diet with anything?

Is it really necessary to feed koi in the winter?

Is tap water safe for my aquarium or pond?

What are colour enhancers?

What can I do to improve the colour of my koi?

What determines the quality of a koi food?

What is the lowest temperature at which I should feed my koi?

What size pellet do I need for my koi?

What water quality parameters are important for Koi?

Why is the quality of the food I use important?

Do I need to feed my fish in the winter?

How do I control blanketweed?

How do I stop foam forming on the surface of my pond?

Is tap water safe for my aquarium or pond?

Should I turn my filter off over winter?

What are the benefits of adding salt to pond water?

Why are my pond fish hanging near the surface of the water?

Why do I need to use a water conditioner when topping my pond up?

Questions & Answers: Pond WaterStabiliser

Are any of Tetra's pond treatments harmful to fish or filter bacteria?

Can I add AquaSafe directly to the pond before filling it with tap water?

Should I switch the ultraviolet clarifier off when using Tetra Pond treatments?

What is the lowest temperature that MediFin can be used at?

Will any of Tetra´s products harm animals drinking from the pond?