Use gel food for a near-natural feeding experience
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The perfect alternative to frozen and live feeds:
Tetra's gel feeds

As Dr Hubert Kürzinger, Head of the Global Research and Development department for Tetra food products, explains, "there's no doubt that frozen and live foods are real delicacies for fish. However, using frozen and live foods as fish feed can be problematic. For instance, these so-called valuable foods lack essential nutrients such as minerals (major and trace elements) and vitamins. They are also inadequate in terms of their protein and fat content." Additionally, the feed animals often add pathogens, heavy metals or other impurities to the aquarium water, which compromise water quality and can seriously endanger the fish stock. Also, not every aquarist (or their partner) wants to store frozen and live feeds in their fridge or freezer next to vegetables and cheese. 

"Our patented gel technology means that we can offer the perfect alternative, for instance with our four varieties of Tetra FreshDelica feeds," explains Dr Kürzinger. This dietary supplement contains high-quality feed animals and is therefore readily accepted by fish. The gel is packed full of vital nutrients to offer a balanced diet and, unlike traditional frozen feeds, is rich in protein and fat, as well as essential vitamins and minerals. What's more, the feeds are also free from pathogens, heavy metals and pesticides and can be stored at room temperature. Last but not least, they have been designed to match the animals' natural feeding habits and give aquarists an opportunity to interact directly with their fish, as the gel can either be added to the surface of the water as droplets or strips, or emptied directly into the water. Speaking from his own experience, Dr Kürzinger explains how "this will arouse the curiosity of the fish, who will instantly swim towards the food to practically eat it out of the aquarist's hand. It's a really special way to feed your fish!"
AUTHOR: Tetra GmbH
DATE: 03.05.2016