Tetra FreshDelica gets a new flavour and improved recipe

In addition to the well-known FreshDelica varieties of daphnia, brine shrimp and red bloodworm, we now offer a version containing krill, which is particularly rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and helps promote healthy fish growth.
TetraMin Probiotische Food

Fit fish with the new TetraMin

TetraMin has been keeping aquarium fish fit and healthy for decades. Now, we have improved the formula even further: the world’s most popular fish food now contains prebiotics to boost the growth and health of your aquatic friends.

Use gel food for a near-natural feeding experience

As Dr Hubert Kürzinger, Head of the Global Research and Development department for Tetra food products, explains, "there's no doubt that frozen and live foods are real delicacies for fish. However, using frozen and live foods as fish feed can be problematic.

Bottom feeders love Tetra Tablets TabiMin

The two-tone Tetra Tablets TabiMin offer your bottom-feeding fish all the nutrients they need for healthy growth, beautiful rich colouring and an active life. Do you want to know why these feed tablets offer such a great diet for your fish?

New food

Tetra is extending its range of food products.