Purely decorative: Fountains for terraces and balconies
Water features such as fountains, small ponds on terraces or balconies and miniature garden ponds are becoming increasingly popular. They provide a nice form of decoration, take up very little space and are much quicker and easier to set up than traditional garden ponds. However, owners of these beautiful small water features still face the same problems associated with owning traditional ponds, such as algae growth. Tetra has released two products to keep these decorative features looking beautiful, allowing users to get the most out of their fountains and other water features.

The care product Tetra Pond Fountain AntiAlgae* can be used to effectively remove algae, particularly from fountains and miniature garden ponds. In fact, to some extent it is harder to maintain the correct biological balance in small biotopes, so owners are frequently faced with algae growth. Tetra Pond Fountain AntiAlgae effectively removes the unsightly greenery, whilst preventing future algae growth. When used correctly, it is also completely harmless to fish and plants. Product dosage depends on whether fish and plants are kept in the biotope.

Unattractive calcium deposits can quickly develop in small water features if there is little water movement or evaporation. The new Tetra Pond Fountain AntiCalc product has been designed to effectively remove unsightly calcium deposits from small water features such as fountains and miniature garden ponds. It also effectively prevents calcium deposits from reforming. When used correctly and depending on the carbonate hardness of the water, it is also completely harmless to fish and plants.

Provided that owners take heed of the individual water conditions and the directions for use, both Tetra Pond Fountain AntiAlgae and Tetra Pond Fountain AntiCalc can also be used in water features stocked with fish, thus offering a clear advantage over traditional products.

* Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use
AUTHOR: Tetra GmbH
DATE: 03.05.2016